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Sunny Mahal

Human Behaviour Specialist | Entrepreneur |Mentor

In 2006, I was the security guard at the airport who checked your bags and told you to remove your shoes. I knew I wanted to one day escape the 9-5 system and live life on my own terms. I finally decided to take a leap into the world of entrepreneurship. Since then, I’ve:
  • Built multiple successful businesses from retail, fast food, property, land development & coaching 
  • ​Won multiple awards for my achievements in business
  • ​Personally coached and transformed the lives of 100+ entrepreneurs to create the business, life & income they desire 
  • ​Became a professional speaker 
I've created the Limitless Entrepreneur platform to support aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs to create the life and business they deserve. We have developed several truly transformational solutions to serve you.  

Who We Help

We help Professionals, New Entrepreneurs and Experienced Entrepreneurs to start or scale a profitable business… 


Wanting to create another source of income so you don’t have to depend on your 9-5 forever but don’t know where to start? We work with professionals from many different backgrounds to turn their business goals into reality fast and steadily. 

New Entrepreneurs

Just started your business or looking to start but lack the support and guidance to elevate your results? We specialise in helping new entrepreneurs to optimise and structure their business so they can work smarter rather than harder. 

Experienced Entrepreneurs

Already operating a business but hit a roadblock and not quite sure how to scale? 
We work with experienced entrepreneurs to kick it up a notch and create results beyond what they ever believed was possible.  

Solutions To Help Build A Business That Gives You The Freedom & Income You Want

Limitless 1-2-1 Private Mentoring 
Work with Sunny privately to plan, structure and execute the operations of your business whilst also receiving bespoke support, guidance and accountability to increase your results & income. Our 1-2-1 solutions also include life coaching. 

Limitless Mind™ 
Mindset and personal transformation program to help unlock your full potential to excel in business & life. With tailored business support & coaching 

Limitless Property System™ 
Discover how to grow a successful property business to build long-term wealth with Sunny Mahal. We will deep dive into BRRR, Buy-To-Let, Flips, House-To-Flat & more, whilst covering key business areas from mindset, raising finance, planning, number crunching, finding deals, exit & many special bonuses. 

Limitless Coach (Coming Soon) 
Turn your expert knowledge into a thriving online business to positively impact lives and make a difference 

How To Join The Limitless Entrepreneur Movement? 

Step 1

Please choose a time that best suits you.
Schedule a 45-minute consultation call so we can get to know you and you can get to know us.

Step 2

Fill in the short questionnaire
Answer the few questions so we can get a little bit of background information. This will help us serve you better and get the most out of the phone call.

Step 3

On the call we will discuss your goals and any challenges. After the in-depth discussion, if it seems like a right fit, we will show you what it looks like to work with us and discuss the most suitable program and then you can decide from there. We don’t believe in high-pressure sales and there is absolutely no obligation to buy, we want, what you want. It’s that simple! 

What makes us different?

We are CPD Accredited 

Our programs are CPD Accredited and Certified. Once you complete our programs, you’ll have an accredited qualification in Continued Professional Development

Completely Risk Free

All of our programs are backed by our 30-Day money-back guarantee. If for any reason we do not meet your expectations, just drop us an email at and we’ll refund your money within 24-hours, no questions asked. 

Application process

To join any of our programs, we require you to jump on a phone call with the team first. This is because we truly want to get to know you, understand your situation and ensure our solutions are the right fit for you. 

Limited Availability 

We pride ourselves in our personal service, we therefore have to limit how many people we can enrol on to our programs as we want to give all our clients the attention they require. 

Check out our free trainings

Free Live Property Investing Masterclass With Sunny

"How To Build a Successful Property Business The Right Way & The Mistakes to Avoid"

Sunny Mahal Reviews From Students...


"With Sunny's mentoring, I've secured more property deals in the last 6 months than I have in the past 2 years! I've never been so productive in the business! Sunny’s genuine want to help people shines through. Couldn’t recommend this enough!"


"Honestly some of the best money I’ve ever spent, Sunny is amazing. There’s SO MUCH info provided and Sunny is super supportive and always makes himself available to support the people he’s working with,. Couldn’t recommend this enough, the resources are brilliant. Thank you Sunny, authenticity is a brilliant quality and the course has that in abundance."


"Sunny = Positive/ enlightening/ mentor/ friend/ energy/ belief/ anything is possible attitude! Sunny has been brilliant and a definite life changer on my journey. Sunny has this energy that is infectious and he is able to channel that in to you allowing you to see your life in a truly different way,"


"Sunny has taught us so much in a short space of time and not just just about property. Yes, that is a huge part but equally important are the skills around your own mindset, this has already started to have benefits in my day to day life for which I cannot thank him enough. His drive, passion and energy is incredible, very inspiring. This is not a gimmick, give it a go!!"


"I secured my first property deal and raised investor finance working with Sunny. I now have a confident mindset and growing my business. Life Changing"


"I must admit that when I initially chose to have Sunny as a coach, I wasn’t sure if he could help me to scale my business however within few weeks it was clear that he knows his stuff and he supported me in every segment to grow. My coaching cost with Sunny came to £0.00 since I was able to make way more than what I paid him and I am continuing to enjoy the income uplift for FREE.. is it too good to be true.. you bet!
Highly recommend his training and coaching programmes.
Thank you!"

Book Sunny to speak

Speak at your event

Speak on your Podcast/YouTube channel

Liven Up Your Event Or Podcast With Sunny

  • Sunny uses his expertise to speak across stages up and down country at events, conferences, private companies and universities
  • ​All talks and workshops are tailored to the event and the audience so that the guests take away maximum value each time
  • ​With over 10 years experience in starting & scaling multiple businesses in a number of industries. Sunny brings you the reality of winning in business and shares his own experiences (with the ups and the downs) so that audiences take away maximum value
  • ​As a Human Behaviour Specialist and NLP expert, Sunny will share the key fundamentals of developing a winning mindset and leave audiences motivated and inspired to take action. His infectious energy will surely leave you with a spring in your step
  • ​Email the team on to enquire about availability

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